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Duration: Amigo Total was born in 2018 as an independent studio.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Key creatives: We’re five partners that share an audiovisual background: some of us come from design education programs, some from animation programs.

Career path: As the sister studio of Device and All In Pixel, Amigo Total plays at the intersection of animation, film, photography and illustration with a focus on the randomness of youth Internet culture’s narrative and aesthetics. Out of our passion and curiosity, we’ve driven our creative practice to this space where we constantly question and reimagine what we do, how, and why. For our future, expanding our services in the fields of luxury brands and cultural work is definitely something we’re after. At the same time, we’re always looking to work with initiatives, projects or brands we like, to get in touch, and to collaborate.

Cultural influences: The internet culture understood in its widest conception. Its random nature: the randomness of the network it represents, the randomness of serendipity and the randomness of the internet’s imperfection. The Internet is a constantly evolving collective unconscious—connecting minds regardless of age, gender, geography or nationality—where anything is possible. We like to speak its language.

The Internet is a constantly evolving collective unconscious—connecting minds regardless of age, gender, geography or nationality—where anything is possible. We like to speak its language.”

Favorite projects: We can highlight our work for Internet Age Media because it represents everything we’ve mentioned above about the Internet. The Backwards opening titles is our most complex project to date in terms of content (as it was developed in 360 degrees) and storytelling, as it talks about appropriation in the context of the Internet. The MIRA Festival campaigns we’ve been working on for five iterations (as different studios) are also a clear example of how we reflect the Internet’s randomness in our work. Finally, our ’19/’20 campaign for Barcelona’s Teatre Lliure, a theater that trusted our speech and adopted this Internet language, aiming for a disruptive change to its previously classical communications.

Work environment: We’re a small, creative-led structure: a team of eight from Spain, Italy, Peru and Finland, working side by side in Barcelona’s Poble Nou neighborhood. We’re located in a warehouse attic with a terrace that overlooks the hill and the sea.

Approach: Storytelling is at the core of what we do. Seeking new or disruptive narratives through research and experimentation is always our first approach. Visually, we’re inclined to not be specialized in any particular media or format, style or technique—this variety of approaches is what we enjoy most. But if you were to look at our body of work as a whole, you can find many common visual concepts: edgy, bold, hi- and lo-fi, glitch, DIY, and mixed media. Another common element in Amigo Total’s work is the mood, from cheeky to nasty to downright disturbing.

Philosophy: The studio is based on the development of passion projects. We always have ideas ready to be developed whenever we have some spare time. These are the projects that attract client work, so our guiding philosophy is passion forward.

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